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Teamwork Card Games© Multitool 1 is a simple and easy-to-use set of card games designed for beginners and experienced trainers alike. One of the advantages of these card games is their versatility. Individual games differ in complexity, number of participants and storyline. In addition, this manual presents additional rules which, in combination with a specific game, make it a tool tailored to the specific group and subject matter  of the training.



Teamwork Card Games© are designed for a variety of applications. The game is based on interaction between participants, so the games can be used for training many aspects of human relationships:

  • interpersonal communication
  • team building
  • team management
  • diagnosis of training needs
  • Assessment and Development Centre
  • integration / entertainment
  • other specific topics


Of course, Teamwork Card Games allows many other applications, limited only by the ingenuity of the trainer. More ideas for using games can be found on the Facebook fanpage.


Playing guidelines

After choosing a particular game (or games) and additional rules, the trainer hands out the cards to the participants. Cards may be dealt in at least three ways: completely randomly, forcing maximum communication or precisely controlled.

Each participant should receive at least one card. An equal or similar number of cards for each person is recommended, unless the trainer decides otherwise for a particular purpose (e.g. for a precise hand). The maximum number of players is determined by the number of cards in a given game.

The minimum number of players depends on how many people can be dealt cards so that there are no cards with related information in each hand.

The optimal size of a group is when everyone has at least two cards in their hand, but the information contained therein is not related and therefore requires communication with others.

The game then begins, during which the participants have to find a solution to the game (an answer to the question). They have to communicate with each other following the rules imposed by the trainer. When the time limit runs out, the group should answer. Then the game review takes place.

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