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Multitool Big Mix Online - English

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The Teamwork Card Games were inspired by "Einstein’s Riddle", a logic puzzle consisting of sentences with clues. Each of the games is a separate task containing a lot of information written down on many cards. This set was created especially for online gaming. It consists of 6 games from 3 different sets. Each card is a separate PDF file.

The games differ in content, number of cards and level of difficulty. Some of them also allow different variants to be played. The optimal number of participants is when each of them receives 2-3 cards.

 Playing guidelines:

Select a game. Read out the instructions for the participants. They can write down the question they have to answer. Determine the time the group has to find a solution. The cards can be sent at random or carefully selected. If the hand is selected, the trainer deliberately hands out specific information files to the individuals concerned.


The Multitool BIG MIX set is a tool to design a variety of experiences for the group. Just like other Multitool sets, it can be used simply for fun or as an integrating exercise. Additional rules can be used to obtain a unique, tailormade task for the group. It is important that any rules introduced by the trainer is a conscious choice, and that the game ends with a discussion, including an analysis of the game's progress and how it relates and can be applied to real work life.


The Multitool BIG MIX Set includes the following games [117 cards]:

  • The Little Red Riding Hood Adventure [14 cards] from the Multitool 1 set
  • The Mystery of Arbhagarkd [30 cards] from the Multitool 1 set
  • Around Poland in Eighty Hours [26 cards] from the Multitool 2 set
  • Abstract Art [27 cards] from the Multitool 2 set
  • Mountain Expedition [12 cards] from the Multitool Mini set
  • In Grandpa Albert’s Attic [8 cards] from the Multitool Mini set


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